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Please post to this site calls you've seen on mailing lists elsewhere.

This page is a bulletin board of calls for papers for scholarly conferences, anthologies and journals in a variety of fields often connected with English departments. Please feel free to browse or search the collection, and post new calls you believe may be of interest to our academic readers. Please feel free to link to this site, and pass the word that we've created it, so more people can benefit from the work our (volunteer) editors and readers put into this site.

    Our collection offers several advantages for academics interested in posting their groups' calls for papers:

  • it has a powerful relational database engine
  • it automatically purges out-of-date calls
  • it supports ISO Latin-1, so we can use accents and diacriticals
  • it has several easy-to-use search interfaces
  • it permits us to add, modify or delete our calls with a password
  • it permits links to conference e-mail addresses and websites
  • it has a broad taxonomy of "fields" based on the UPenn categories
  • it has a discussion forum, so frequent users can discuss issues
  • it runs on the EServer, a noncommercial site run by academics
This site is run by many people working with the EServer.