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For Friday, May 7th:

Continue to develop your final DVD portfolio, to be turned in (along with your FireWire hard drive) at 12 noon on Friday, May 7th in 433 Ross.

  • The Interview
  • Video Documentation
  • Flash Interactive Documentation
  • Final DVD Portfolios
  • About this Course

    This course will focus on the fundamentals of developing digital multimedia using a range of software, hardware, and electronic equipment.

    Through readings, class discussion and multimedia projects, you'll learn to apply rhetorical principles (audience analysis, invention, organization, style, design) to multimedia authoring; to learn production techniques for multimedia development (including CD-ROM, streaming video, DVD video and Flash interactivity), from storyboarding to nonlinear editing; to plan and manage collaborative multimedia projects; to master software genres commonly used for multimedia training program in education and industry.

    Solid computer skills, knowledge of rhetoric, and basic web design skills are assumed, but no specific experience with multimedia technologies is prerequisite. Be prepared to approach multimedia vigorously and immersively.

    Class will be held in the Ross Hall 420 computer classroom.




    Williams, Hugh E and David Lane. (2002). Web Database Applications with PHP and MySQL. Sebastapol, CA: O'Reilly and Associates.

    Pogue, David. (2003). iMovie 3 and iDVD: The Missing Manual. Sebastapol, CA: O'Reilly and Associates.

    Numerous online resources.

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