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TC 510: Information Design
An online supplement to the
materials and coursework

Geoffrey Sauer | Winter term, 2001

Final Projects:

The Edgar Group, in its final project, created an anthology about web design, which covers issues such as promoting good design, site structure, universal accessibility, pathos (or emotion) in usability studies and intranet management.

The Elements of Information Design group focused on more pragmatic issues, such as tutorials on converting linear to nonlinear, writing specifically for web readers, localization for global audiences and a history of multimedia for those of us assigned to produce it.

Team Hades, in its project, described the importance of visual and structural design in critiques of the textbooks Nielsen 2000 and Farkas and Farkas 2001, discussion of using color and a survey of research into perception.

The Orange Group developed one complete issue of a new scholarly journal in information design, with articles on aesthetic experience in information design, designing specifically for advanced users, planning web projects and using streaming media.

The Trope Troupers developed a range of documents for students, from a complete plan for a textbook about information design to two discussions of converting legacy documents to hypertext and converting from print to online and an overview study of web development process.