Orange Journal Articles

March 2001

Aesthetic Experience and the Importance of Visual Composition in Information Design

Usability engineering has taken a functional approach to technical communication and information design. However, the need for further discourse concerning the impact of aesthetics on the usability of information design can begin by developing a mature understanding of the compositional structure of visual information. This article looks at the ways in which visual composition contributes to a user's aesthetic experience and why such an experience is important when designing infromation structures.

Designing for Advanced Users

The qualities that once distinguished advanced computer users from less knowledgeable users are becoming more commonplace and may in the future be regarded as standard. Computer users in general are becoming more comfortable and experienced with computer technologies, and often utilize the Internet for intellectual pursuits like information gathering or learning new skills. Furthermore, access to higher bandwidth Internet connections continues to increase. This article discusses these qualities in reference to an advanced or experienced user.

Planning a Web Project

The planning phase is an integral part of the project before design or development of the website officially begins. This article covers key aspects of the planning process.

Streaming Media

This article looks at the various problems that must be addressed when producing streaming media. The topics include discussions on why video compression is necessary, the various compression formats, tips on how to shoot video for streaming, and the factors you can adjust to optimize the multimedia content for a given bandwidth.

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