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The EServer is a digital humanities venture, founded in 1990 and based in the College of LAS at Iowa State U, where writers, editors and scholars publish over 35,000 works, free.The site is dedicated to clear, accessible writing in the humanities.

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About the EServer

Information about the EServer open-access online publishing project.
Antislavery Literature

The goal of the Antislavery Literature Project is to increase access to literature crucial to understanding African American experience, U.S. and hemispheric histories of slavery, and early human rights philosophies.

Links to art, architecture, and aesthetic theory.
Bad Subjects

Political education for everyday life.

Book-length nonfiction and miscellaneous literatures.

Websites for courses taught by EServer editors.

A journal of contemporary art and cultural theory.
Cultural Logic

An electronic journal of marxist theory and practice.
Cultural Theory

Readings in cultural studies and critical theory.
Cyber Tech/Culture

Discussing links between technology and culture.

A collection of plays, modern works and classics.
Early Modern Culture

Works and discussions in Renaissance studies.
Eighteenth Century

This collection archives writings from the eighteenth century from the perspectives of literary and cultural studies.
Electronic Labyrinth

A study of the implications of hypertext for writers.


Select resources in feminism and women's studies.

Novels and short fiction, classics and new works.
Film and Television

Works in film, television and other media studies.

Resources about the internet: guides, essays and articles.

Links to academic journals and popular magazines.

Resources in language studies and theory.
Lectures on Demand

Audio and video recordings of scholarly presentations.
Literary Events

Events for any date from literature and the arts.
The Mamet Review

The journal of the David Mamet Society.
Marx and Engels

A collection of writings in economic and social theory.

A small collection of artwork, audio, graphics and video.

A vast collection of works in music and music theory.
New Media

An organization which runs in concert with the EServer to foster studies in new media design and the development of online content.
(website hosted by
Orange Journal

A student journal for the fields of technical, scientific and professional communication.


A collection of performances of literary and artistic work.

Writings by historical and contemporary philosophers.
Project Yao — 覞工程

A bibliographic database of pre-1920 American literature translations into Chinese.

Original and classic verse, literary and poetic theory.

Materials on race and ethnicity in the U.S.

Vegetarian recipes, and links to good related sites.

An online interdisciplinary culture studies community.

Select reference materials useful for research.

Scholarly and pedagogical resources for rhetoricians.

A publisher of fiction, poetry, music, art and spoken word.
Tech Comm Library

A web portal for technical, scientific and professional communication.
The Thoreau Reader

The works of American philosopher Henry D. Thoreau.

A web- and cloud- based collaborative word processor.
Zine 375

Writings about contemporary American life.

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Please be patient as we transition our publications to new systems.